Letter From the CEO


In-Store Radio began in 2006 as a way to help Goodwill Industries around the world spread the news about all the wonderful things that Goodwill does for the people in their local communities.

I was brought into the Goodwill family by my Father and Aunt; both of whom are Goodwill CEOs.  Over the years, I discovered what's known in Goodwill circles as the “Goodwill Burn”; that feeling you get that keeps you tirelessly serving the people of your community year after year. And, because of that "burn", I worked for many years serving Goodwill as the Vice President of Donated Goods Employment Services in Sarasota, Florida.

One day, however, I realized that my dream no longer lay in Donated Goods Management, but in music and broadcasting.  So I had a problem.  I still felt (and feel today) that “Goodwill Burn”. So what was I to do?  I blended my 2 loves together... And that is how In-Store Radio was born.

I am well aware of how important it is to get and keep shoppers and donors.  I’m even more aware of how little those shoppers and donors truly know about the wonderful things that Goodwill does for them, their friends and their entire community.  We, at In-Store Radio are changing that everyday!  We also know how much more loyalty that shoppers of traditional businesses feel for those businesses when they are aware of the many ways in which those companies help their families and their communities.

My mission now is to spread the “Good News” of not only Goodwill, but of ALL businesses throughout America and abroad through In-Store Radio.  That mission will put a custom-designed and professionally-produced radio show into every retail store and waiting room around the globe.

I know there are bigger companies out there offering similar services.  But none of them will do it more professionally, as inexpensively or with a greater understanding of your business!

Don't carry your candle under a bushel.  The "Good News" of your business is something we should shout from the rooftops!

How much more would your shoppers spend at your store if they only knew all the great deals you offered them?  But, more importantly, how much more would they shop if they knew all the great things your company does for their community?

Find out!  With In-Store Radio!

Brian W. Roberts
Founder and CEO of In-Store Radio



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