Research Shows Extraordinary impact on In-store sales.

The research carried out in Principles stores earlier this year revealed that when a specially created customer focused music channel was playing, sales averaged double digit growth over the times when no music was playing.

The study (carried out through a new, innovative research approach developed by Vision One) highlighted the importance of playing the right music.

Findings also showed that 90% of customers like having music in-store (the remaining 10% mainly consisted of no opinion) and, crucially, 60% said that music made them stay longer in store.

Shoppers were also asked to rate each store against a range of key attributes. Stores that were playing the customer focused music channel were rated, on average, 15% higher against those attributes than stores with no such music playing. On the key attribute ‘welcoming’, the rating showed an increase of over 40%.

Julia Haynes, Marketing Manager of Principles said, “We are very excited about the results of the survey and in particular the enhancement it has made to our customers’ shopping experience.”

Tony Lewis, Director of Vision One Research commented, “This study demonstrates how research can bring retailers closer to their customers, with an innovative approach that enables retailers to enhance their customers’ shopping experiences profitably.”

Alex Martin, Marketing Director of DMX Music added, “This research has shown even more significant results than we expected, particularly regarding sales uplift. It further reinforces our experience of the power music has to enhance the retail environment, create a great shopping experience and ultimately boost sales.”

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